The Story

Who is Mister Agave?

Mister Agave, a native of the sun-kissed highlands of Jalisco, Mexico – the birthplace of tequila, earned his distinctive name at a young age. Having spent years as a jimador, harvesting and distilling the agave plant, he discovered that agave holds a purpose beyond tequila production.

The Mission

Mister Agave is on a lifelong mission to educate the world about upcycling bagasse fiber, a byproduct of the tequila industry's waste, and eliminating single-use plastics.

The Eco-Friendly Pioneer

In 2021, Mister Agave brought his bio-based products to New York, swiftly becoming the leading brand in Eco-friendly disposables for the food-service industry. Our sustainable products are designed to degrade in standard landfills, free from harmful BPA or PFAS chemicals, and rigorously tested per ASTM International standards.

Global Impact

Mister Agave proudly partners with international hospitality, hotel, and restaurant groups, giving ago-industrial waste a second life.

In collaboration with One Tree Planted and Rep The US, LLC, he plants one hundred trees

Committed to reforestation, Mister Agave supports global efforts by planting trees. In collaboration with One Tree Planted, he plants one hundred trees for every million straws sold. Trees play a crucial role in cleaning the air, filtering water, absorbing carbon dioxide, and providing habitat for our world's biodiversity.