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Mister Agave

MA-JBA21W Jumbo Black Agave 8.25" Standard Straw, Wrapped

MA-JBA21W Jumbo Black Agave 8.25" Standard Straw, Wrapped

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GTIN: 850060034275
Jumbo Black Agave 8.25” Straw, Wrapped
Diameter: 8.00 mm
1,500 ct

Materials: Agave Fibers, Plant Fibers, Biopolymer, Organic Compound Additives, Natural Pigments
Biodegradation Additive

Product Features: Our products excel in durability, withstanding both hot and cold beverages, while boasting a shelf life of over 300 days. Upon disposal in environments rich in active microbes such as landfills, it biodegrades without generating microplastics, promoting sustainability. Recognized as safe by the FDA and recyclable, our product ensures both consumer safety and environmental responsibility.

Packaging: 4/375
Quantity Per Case: 1500
Color: Black

Case Dimensions: 11.8" x 11.0" x 14.2" / 6.06 lbs.
Pallet Specs: 40" x 48" x 79" / 363.72 lbs.

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